A Sonnet for My Mother

With the holidays once again bursting everywhere, like many of you, I get nostalgic for those I miss that are no longer here.

It got me thinking about grief. They say loss heals with time, and I think that is true. The pain is nowhere as acute as in the beginning. But the rest remains. That is how it is with my mother, who died in 2013. We were so close we were like one person, so at her passing, it took me a long time to feel whole again.

But she is still with me, especially right now. She loved the Christmas holidays. I think of her on a daily basis. I suspect I always will.

Lately I have been doing more poetry, and I hope to put together a book of sonnets. Here is the first one I've written:

I will cease to grieve for thee

When sands no longer mingle with the sea

When the brightest star in the darkest night

Vanishes never to return to sight

I will no longer hear your voice

When silence is the only choice

And every lark has lost its song

Leaving not a soul to sing along

You stay in each elusive cloud

In every sun the night does shroud

In every heart and memory

In the life and breath you gave to me.

And with time passing you'll remain

Till my days cease

And we refrain.

I miss you Mom, now and always!

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