Mrs. Dashwood Returns


It's been 10 years since Mary Dashwood and her daughters Elinor, Marianne, and Margaret were forced to leave Norland Park after losing their husband and father. Things are going wonderfully for all the Dashwood women, until a duel between a family member and someone from the past jeopardizes Norland's legacy, and the arrival of a mysterious stranger from America, lead Mary Dashwood unexpectedly back to Norland Park. This impromptu pilgrimage sends Mary on a journey of personal discovery, where she finds answers to many old questions as new ones 
emerge, forcing her to question her values, and see not only herself, but those she loves most, in a different light.

The Daughters of Delaford


It's 1820, and the daughters of Elinor and Marianne, now 20 years old, are excited to begin their lives.  Little did Allegra Brandon and Grace Ferrars know that they would become embroiled in the most important and scandalous event of their time, that being the return of Caroline of Brunswick, otherwise known as the Princess of Wales, who has come back to England to claim her crown after years of exile.  As they witness history unfold, they also chase their dreams, sometimes finding things are not as they seem; Grace finds out the wealthy lord and landowner she married is not the man she thought he was;  and Allegra's very modern dream of a writing career meets resistance as she becomes entwined with a mysterious stranger who not only steals her heart, but her reputation.  Both women are forced to make choices that will not only effect themselves,  but those they love as well.

Because You're the First


Can you have a passionate love affair in middle age be like it was when you were a teenager? What if you had a second chance to be with your first love after 40 years? Would you take it? Kassandra DuBois thought she had gotten over her high school romance with Cameron Martin a lifetime ago; but a chance meeting with him changes her mind, stirring up long forgotten emotions, and the memory of a tragic secret she had spent years trying to forget. Her renewed liaison with Cameron brings this long ago scandal out into the forefront, threatening her relationships with her family, her friends, and the very life she has spent years building. Is this man really who she thinks he is? "Because You're the First" says love can happen later in life, and can bring joy, as well as pain, and that self-discovery is possible at any age.

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The Spy From Across the Sea

(The Patriot Trilogy, Book One)

After losing her parents, and nearly dying with them in a suspicious accident, Sarah Carrington crosses the Atlantic to America on the eve of the American Revolution. She changes her identity, and hopes to put the past behind her and start a new life as a governess for a prominent Connecticut family. But her past follows her across the ocean, and she struggles to hide the secret of her involvement in the theft of the famous “Hutchinson Letters,” an act that turned American colonists against the crown and inspired revolution. If her part is discovered, it could lead to her being forced to return to England to face imprisonment or execution. Robert Rogers, the infamous mercenary, makes it his mission to discover her and make her pay for her treason to the Crown, and to achieve his goals of getting back in the good graces of King George III and the British army. Unable to stay out of the brewing conflicts as she had initially wished, she connects with prominent players in America’s beginnings, including Thomas Paine and Benjamin Franklin, finds her first love with Nathan Hale, and discovers her strengths, talents, and realizes her true commitment to the pursuit of liberty

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Washington's Wild Rose

(The Patriot Trilogy, B00k Two)

Sarah Carrington's story continues as the war for American Independence enters its second year. Living in New York City where she continues her work as a governess, she waits for her great love, Captain Nathan Hale, as he fights for the cause. When she and Hale end their relationship, she agrees to resume spying for the American cause, and is recruited by General George Washington. While she is a reluctant spy at times, she ultimately brings Washington vital information about the coming battles in New York. When things go horribly wrong in the Battle of Brooklyn, Sarah tries to get word to Washington, nearly losing her own life in the process. She is rescued from the fighting, and is put on a boat crossing Long Island Sound. It is here she meets with Nathan Hale again as he goes to Long Island on his ill-fated spy mission. While Sarah tries to save Nathan from his careless and open demeanor, they are pursued by the mercenary Robert Rogers, whose revenge against them knows no boundaries.


While Sarah bravely faces the death of Hale, and the possibility of her own demise, she finds a true love that will sustain her, and the value of her compassionate and caring friends who will do anything to save her life and keep her from being sent back to England to face the gallows for her crimes against the British. Washington's Wild Rose highlights the trials and joys of a young woman who is not only indicative of her own time, but one who is also ahead of time as she, and so many others like her, dreamed of a better future in a new country.


Dark Dec jpg.jpg

 Lighting a Dark December:

A Patriot Trilogy Novella

It's December, 1776, and the war against the British for American independence is looking bleak.  Washington has lost New York city and stands to lose Philadelphia.  He is unable to raise the army he needs to succeed, and the possibility of being defeated by the most powerful army on earth looms large.  In a coastal Connecticut town, Jane Lawson, whose family has returned to England, and whose beloved sister Emma has died in childbirth, has nowhere to go and is living on the streets.  Gilbert Saltonstall, a member of one of the most prominent families in town, persuades her to come live with him and his family.  Despite her misgivings, Jane falls for Gilbert, and waits for him as he privateers off the New England coast.  But soon many of their friends, including Nathan Hale, are executed and others are captured by the Redcoats. Gilbert, Jane and others begin to wonder about their fate and their future.  Is it worth the lives and the bloodshed to start a new country? Or are they doomed to return to being subjects of King George? This novella is based on the characters from The Patriot Trilogy novels One and Two.

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When her job and relationship ended abruptly at the same time, Dr. Makenna Hadley gets away and sees the history she had been studying and teaching over the years by taking a trip to New England, where she could stay with her Aunt Jenny Markham, an eccentric widowed farmer living in Connecticut’s famous Quiet Corner.



Uncomfortable with Jenny’s unconventional lifestyle, Makenna plans to stay only a short time, till she discovers a journal in a box Jenny purchased at a garage sale.   As she reads, she becomes enthralled in a young girl’s story of her life, and the young Revolutionary war soldier she loved and tried to save. She also learns about the local legend of the young woman's spirit wandering the town in search of her lost love.  Most importantly, she discovers the girl’s connection to a secret involving the most famous general of the war, which if proven valid, could turn the academic community on its head.  If she could prove that what is in the journal was true, it would be the most important historical find in decades.



In her search for the truth, she encounters an array of quirky scholars; a shy librarian desperately searching for love, and an egotistical museum curator who is sure her findings are a fraud, as well as a cast of colorful town locals that seem provincial but are anything but.  In the end, she discovers more than a love story written for the ages.  She learns about grief and greed and the importance of knowing who your friends truly are, and that fame and success do not always bring the things they promise. 

Haunting Jemima Brown