In this sequel to Jane Austen’s third novel “Mansfield Park,” young and spirited Thomas Bertram must face the reality that now his father has passed, he is Sir Thomas Bertram, head of the Bertram family and Mansfield Park.  A staunch abolitionist after witnessing the treatment of slaves on his father’s Antigua sugar plantation, the first thing Thomas wishes to do as Baron is to get rid of the business that makes money on the backs of African slaves.  He also wishes to wed his cousin Susan, younger sister to Fanny Price.  But he is forced to choose between his great love and saving Mansfield Park from unexpected financial ruin when the plantation loses its value due to slave uprisings and other problems.  When Mary Crawford, now a wealthy woman, comes back and makes a play for Thomas, he begins to question where his true responsibilities lie.  Is it with the woman he loves, or is it with the legacy of the Mansfield estate, which the men in his position have kept alive for centuries.  Should he marry a woman he does not love to save the family legacy? Or should he put his own happiness first? As he ponders these questions, Thomas tries to hold on to both Susan and Mansfield Park on his own personal journey of discovery. 

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