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The Patriot Trilogy Continues!!

As Book Three begins, Sarah escapes from her jailers in York City and travels back across the Atlantic to Paris with Benjamin Franklin to work as his interpreter as he negotiates for arms and other war supplies with the French.  Soon she is admired by many in the French government, including Marie Antoinette.  But suspected spy Edward Bancroft, Franklin's secretary, knows of her past.  Will he use it against her? Will he discover her true motivation to leave Paris and return to London to find the sister she has never known?

At the same time, Sarah's fiancee Major Dudley Livingston hides from the British in Connecticut.  Soon, his yearnings for Sarah become unbearable, and he risks everything to head across the ocean to be with her. But when he arrives, will she be happy to see him? Or could she have found another and be lost to him forever?

Mary follows Jonathan as he serves with George Washington's staff, but she wants to do more than sew uniforms and wait for her husband.  She wants to be like Sarah; an active participant in the cause. When she gets the chance to spy on Hessian movements with Jonathan in Trenton, she learns a woman's place in a man's war is neither glamorous nor easy. 

Return to discover Trilogy characters like Gilbert and Jane, Robert Rogers and Clarise and new ones like Silas Deane and Edward Bancroft, real people who were instrumental in forming a new government!

Need to catch up? Read Books One and Two! Go to "Novels" and purchase your copy!

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